Sponsorship Intensive

Teaching Creators how to work with Brands

Sponsorship Intensive is a multi-week deep dive training designed to help you take the guess work out of landing brand partnerships without a large following or prior experience.



Oct 2023





mon - fri

About the course:

This multi-week Sponsorship Intensive will teach you everything about how to partner with brands and get paid what you are worth.

Take the guess work out of landing brand deals and start building consistent brand sponsorship revenue today!

What You Can Expect:

Group coaching, accountability, and goal setting

Opportunity to collaborate with other creators / be in a community of creators

Learn price negotiations, contracts, business & tax advice

Establish a clear revenue roadmap for your business

Differentiate between sponsorship opportunities and learn how to upsell and maximize income


Here's how it works:


Find brands working with creators


Pricing and Negotiation strategies


Creating GREAT sponsored content that gets results


Turning 1-off deals into long-term partnerships

Hear from Creators who
completed the Intensive:

What Past Clients Are Saying:

"We took what we learned in one lesson, applied it the next day and landed an $1,800 brand deal."
Here’s a little secret:
You don't need a 'large' following to land PAID brand partnerships
Your audience will LOVE when you authentically share brands you love
Finding brands to work with is EASIER than you think
Who Is This For?
Micro or nano creators who are ready to scale their income with brand sponsorships
You're ready to start working with brands but don't know how to get started.
You're tired of ONLY receiving free product offers from brands.
You know you can/should be making more money from brand sponsorships.
You're struggling to get brands responding back to your outreach.


Beth & Court are an RV living couple who took action and are now landing high-paying brand deals while traveling!

Ready for Results Like THIS?


WE JUST LANDED OUR FIRST $800 CONTRACT, 😭🥳🥰🎉AND WE ARE SCREAMING! 0.0. I took @Tiffany Day (Sponsorship Coach) 's advice and went and introduced myself in person at the campground we were staying at and explained who we were, what we did, and some content services we provided. I said we'd send examples and rates so Beth (my wife) cranked out our website with our media kit and UGC rates (thank you @kolimarksmedia & @Tiffany Day (Sponsorship Coach) for the help/info there) that NIGHT so we could get them the info. They responded and said they were extremely interested and the package we were originally going to pitch them was $400, but with Tiffany's advice of adding the 200% in perpetuity it put as at the $800 he agreed to
Not only is this a huge win financially, but more importantly a win as small creators who have had to work so so hard to get to this point, and questioned several times if anyone even cared about our content, or if we could actually make this a business
Takeaways from this: You don't have to have everything perfect and have to know everything. We literally learned about UGC 3 weeks ago and from the trainings in SBB, were able to land two big deals in 1 week. 😳40 Learn as you go, and believe in yourself you can do it! ❤Also if anyone else needs to hear this.... YOU👏 ARE 👏 WORTH👏 IT👏  I was so scared to throw on that 200% and so my wife just went for it and it happened that quick. Don't start justifying why it won't work when they haven't even had a chance to say no yet. 🤷


Meet Your Mentor

Tiffany Day


Tiffany Day

Tiffany's success has garnered recognition in the industry, with her being featured on several popular podcasts including The Marketing Nomad, Women Of Video, and Smart Money Mama's. She has also been invited to speak at various events, including Seattle YouTube Day and Women Of Video Live, where she shares her insights and strategies for building successful brand partnerships.

Tiffany's accomplishments as a sponsorship coach have made her a sought-after consultant in the industry, with a reputation for helping content creators monetize their content and achieve financial success. Her passion for empowering content creators and her exceptional results speak volumes about her expertise and dedication to her craft.

Made 6-figures+ in income through brand sponsorships

over $300k collectively made by creators I have worked with

Has worked with over 35 brands including Party City, Motorola, Ingenuity, Medela, TubeBuddy, Hydrow, Del Taco, Madison Reed, and Daily Harvest

Been featured on Smart Money Mama's, VidIQ, Women Of Video, The Marketing Nomad, and Women Of Video Live

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