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"I've closed at least 4 paid brand deals so far this year, and one was my first 4-figure deal!"
Tabitha Howard
"We took what we learned, applied it the next day and landed an $1,800 brand deal."
Beth & Court
Life with Beth and Court
"I've successfully landed a brand deal from a cold email I sent based on the strategies you went over. This week I successfully upsold a brand, doubling the money I would have gotten."
Josh Teder
Six Months Later
"Two brand agencies reached out for small deals. Even had the courage to counter one offer with a 25% higher figure. Was shocked that the Company came back with even higher than that. Hoping to keep the deals rolling in!"
Unnecessary Bluntness Sports Talk

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Need some help drafting an email to a brand that you want to work with? Use AI to compose the email for you and then make whatever edits you want to it.

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Easy input the terms of your agreement and let our AI Contract Generator do the rest, providing you with an editable document to share with your brand partners. Upload any agreement and our Redline Reviewer will call out specific sections and advice for each so all your bases are covered.

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