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Welcome to your new home for Sponsorship resources and advice. Get instant access to our incredible coaches, and peers who are having success with brands today.

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I've closed at least 4 paid brand deals so far this year, and one was my first 4-figure deal!

"We took what we learned, applied it the next day and landed an $1,800 brand deal."

"I've successfully landed a brand deal from a cold email I sent based on the strategies you went over. This week I successfully upsold a brand...doubling the money I would have gotten..."

"2 brand agencies reached out for small deals. Even had the courage to counter one offer with a 25% higher figure. Was shocked that the Company came back with even higher than that. Hoping to keep the deals rolling in!"

What our members are saying

It's an awesome community. Really great coaches. It's almost criminal that we get so much information. It's going to answer a lot of things for your creating needs…it's been great.

Mike Vaughn
On My Mind Entertainment

I've learned a lot from the courses…they've been really helpful to help me realign my brand, better understand my audience. I really recommend Social Bluebook to anybody just wanting to grow.

Adrienne Schmidt
Adrienne Invests

Picking the brains of these coaches…and being able to ask questions one-on-one has been absolutely invaluable to me.
Come join us!

Kris Kersey
Kersey Fabrications

It has helped me grow along the way and learn new techniques. Social Bluebook is something that you should invest in. Your investment will have a good return, I promise you.

Bella Laveaux
Bella Laveaux

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